Friday, August 3, 2012

"Quick, Stunning, Delicious Lapu Lapu"

Does anyone know the best way to cook lapu lapu fish?? ____________________________ I went to the market and felt like eating fish. I didnt know which one to pick cuz i wanted something new. But i was just wondering how i should cook it. Any advice about anyone who has cooked this type of fish would be helpful! =D thx!!!!! ____________________________ "You can have it steamed: boil water and add in spices such us pepper, lemon grass, ginger, onion and garlic. Put the salted lapu lapu inside the steamer over a bed of banana leaf, steam for 30 minutes. serve... You can either dress it with mayonnaise or eat it plain with lime soy sauce dip. add chili for extra zest." - "re.vilo" ____________________________ "Be sure to check back for more Lapu Lapu fish recipe questions, and while you're at it, download your new 'Recipe Finder' on the ride hand side....Enjoy!"

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