Saturday, August 11, 2012

"Is Lapu-Lapu a Leopard Cod or Grouper Fish?

A type of red grouper native to the Philippines is commonly known as "lapu-lapu"[ Lapu-Lapu aka Pugapo, is one delicious meat. It's best choice for any easy to prepare recipes whether its baked, broiled, buying, fish, fried, grilled, recipe, recipes, stew, stuffed, or cooked the way you like it. It's a fish so that's meaty and tastier than any fish out there. Try to Google Lapu-Lapu, and you'll be given sites that tackle or deal about the Mactan hero, Lapu-Lapu. But don't worry, for the fish lapu-lapu got its name from him anyway. Here's the story about it. The fish was named after the hero of Mactan, Lapu-Lapu, who is known as the first native of the archipelago to have resisted Spaniards attempt to colonize the island, and is now regarded as the first ever Filipino hero. He's the one who led approximately 1,500 Mactan warriors armed with just barong, spears, kampilan and kalasag, in a battle against 49 Spanish, Christian soldiers in a classic battle, "The Battle of Mactan." It's when Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese who led his army in conquering Mactan died. His fellow Pigafetta, who came late, saw him laying on the shores, cried and shouted and cursed him. The chieftain replied and exclaimed, that he should be ashamed of himself for he's like one of his friends who treated their villagers like a pig. It was a scene that was remembered by the settlers. As the years passed by, the Cebuanos find it hard to pronounce Pigafetta, then later became known to them as Pugapo, which is now known as Lapu-Lapu. Lapu-lapu is one of the best tasting fish there is. It is a bit pricy because of its luscious texture and excellent taste, especially when steamed with soy sauce, wine, canola oil, ginger and scallion. It noticeable scarcity and possible disappearance from the waters are injecting fears among chefs and restaurateurs around the world. And justifiably so.

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